Michael D

I am a professional magician and ventriloquist with over 30 years experience. I have performed for various audiences including schools, church groups, nursing homes and assisted living centers. I have also performed in several competitions and have been recognized for outstanding performances. During my 20 year tenure with the United States Army, I performed regularly at the military chapels and special events. I was a featured entertainer for two different Pizza Hut locations during their family nights. A major highlight was auditioning for America's Got Talent and being seen on the first episode of Season 11. 



I am a professional comedian and human handler of Michael D. Michael and I have participated in the Creative Ministry Competitions where we were given a silver award. We love to perform and see the joy we bring into people's lives. I can not wait to meet you at your event. 


Country Boy "Clem"

Hi there. I am Clem from Rocky Top Tennessee. Michael D and I have performed at many parties and banquets together. I like to share my country stories and make ya'll laugh. I like to watch Michael D make balloon animals too. I hope to see ya real soon at your next party.